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Web Design

Nowadays almost everyone can develop websites. However, for DotPromotion, quality is our top priority and that is what distinguishes us from other web developers. We will not rush and submit any website to the client and call it final. Our web designing team goes through many processes before it finally gets submitted for the client. With a devoted graphics team, we're able to create professional eye-catching text, graphics, layouts and high-resolution, quality scans. In addition, our graphics team is uses the most current versions of graphic and photo software to create logos and images for our client's web pages. Our programmers write the most effective coding on the net to ensure that pages are optimized for internet browsers and quick loading time.

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15 HTML page design
DotPromotion offers such services as HTML programming, PHP programming, JAVA scripting, CGI scripting, Shockwave applet creation, Flash animation, Image Map creation, database creation, online catalogue development, E-Commerce enabling, secure credit card transaction enabling, and updating and performing ongoing maintenance of web sites.

Our price starts from USD100. Click here to Request For Quotation.


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