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Dotpromotion Network Operations Center (NOC), located within the Qwest CyberCenter
in Columbus, Ohio, features an OC-192 connection, which is the fastest connection available
on the Internet today. This optimal location enables us to provide our customers with unmatched speed and bandwidth.

OC-192 Connectivity

With an OC-192 out-of-region and OC-48 in-region network, we have more bandwidth than we
will ever need.

Unparalleled Speed
OC-192 capacity is so unbelievably fast that in theory, we could "...Simultaneously
transmit every major movie released last year to every major US market in less than an hour."
* With transfer rates of 10 Gbps, an OC-192 is over 1,000 times faster than DSL or nearly
200,000 times faster than a 56K modem.

The OC-192 connection comes from four OC-48's, providing the data transfer of an OC-192 with four levels of redundancy. In the unlikely event that an OC-48 does experience problems, your data has three alternate paths. This redundancy insures that you will never experience a
noticeable reduction in speed or performance.

Network Connectivity
Our network reaches around the world with branches spanning every continent on the globe.
This expansive network is the reason we have customers in 50 states and 94 countries.


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